‘Attack on Titan’ Creator Hopes Season 3 Will Erase Story “Regrets”

Like many fans, Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayame is looking forward to the third season. However, his reasons are different than those of his readers.

Attack on Titan

“After writing volume 12, in the period between 13 and 16 was when I felt the most disappointed with my work,” Hajime said in an interview. “Hopefully, now that season 3 is being made, I’ll have the chance to wipe away that regret and replace it with something I’m proud of.” Hajime’s words can be found in interview vignettes that are included in the Japanese’ home video release of Attack on Titan Season 2.

For those that haven’t been reading the manga, Hajime is referring to the Uprising Arc, which will serve as the basis for season 3. The arc scales back the titan attack in favor of mystery and political upheaval between dueling human factions.

Attack on Titan

Hajime doesn’t state what aspects of the Uprising Arc he’s disappointed with. He has shared how the anime allows him to revise and correct Attack on Titan‘s, making the anime adaptation more of a definitive version of his story.

His candid words might be shocking to some fans since most mangaka to air out their personal disappointments with their own works. However, Hajime has never been shy about self-criticism and has even said his own artwork can be awkward to look at.

Attack on Titan

Are you interested in seeing the changes to the Uprising Arc?

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