How Is Ash Not Dead Yet?

1. He Gets Electrocuted

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I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to get an x-ray…

2. He Gets Electrocuted Again

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Some anime like to talk about bonding through skinship, but for Pikachu, that just isn’t enough.

3. Survives Brock’s Terribad Pun


4. He Gets Stoned

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What? Is it something I said?

5. Catches Fire

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Charmeleon’s love for Ash is burning bright! Actually, it’s burning a little too much. Who knew Charmeleon was such a yandere?

6. Becomes toast…

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This is why you don’t play with fire kids.

7. Gets even more toasty from lightning

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Well, it might be lightning. I don’t even know anymore.

8. He Gets Iced

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Elsa isn’t the only one who’s Frozen.

9. Punched the Most Powerful Pokemon

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Dear Ash,

Please don’t be a copycat.


Captain Falcon

10. Fell Off a Few Bridges

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Why are all the bridges made of rope and always breaking when he walks on them?

11. More Lightning

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Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.

12. More Lightning

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Maybe he’s developed an immunity at this point? It’s kind of amazing how often this seems to happen.

13. More burning

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He’s just keeping warm guys, relax.

14. He Makes Mewtwo Mad (yes, from the punching)

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This could’ve ended a lot worse than it did. Pissed off a genius telekinetic? What could go wrong?

15. He Survived This


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Just the normal, everyday troubles of a ten-year-old.

Actually, this episode never aired in the U.S. due to the prevalence of firearms. How many of you have seen it?

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