Artists Keep Making Clorox-Chan & Tide Pod-chan Because They Want Us to Die

We are living in a golden age of personifications! Everywhere we turn, artists are turning objects, mythical creatures, and planets into cute anime girls.

The latest sensation takes a dark turn with Clorox-chan and Tide Pod-chan, both of which are associated with bleach drinking. While both adorable characters are closely linked, they have different origins.


Who is Tide Pod-Chan?

Most young, hip internet users are familiar with the Tide Pod challenge, which involves popping a detergent packet in your mouth. No, most of the “challengers” are not suicidal. Despite most Tide Pod challenge videos being parodies, the U.S Poison Control Center reported that 55 teens intentional ate detergent packets in 2017 – their reasons were not reported.

Now, let’s back to Tide Pod-chan! As part of a joke, Instagram user shared a drawing of her on January 1, 2018 with a “do not eat” warning.

Im not sure at this point if I should be proud or terrified of what i draw #tidepods

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Azumi would cosplay as Tide Pod-chan a day later.

Posted by Azumii on Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Naturally, the internet pounced on Tide Pod-chan like a pack of hungry children at a laundromat:

Here have this before i go snooze, honestly scared to wake up #tidepods

A post shared by Mipan (@greenpantsu) on

Man, that looks delicious…I wish I had a tasty beverage to wash that packet down with…


Meet Clorox-chan

Bleach drinking is commonly used internet adage that describes a person’s displeasure with something. Watched Boku no Pico? Better reach for the bleach. Hunter x Hunter is on hiatus again? Better sip on some bleach! Someone likes something you hate? BLEACH FOR MY ENEMIES!! You get the point.

Artist Kuma Artsu gave Clorox an anime makeover, with the sultry Clorox-chan wondering why people keep trying to drink her.


And what do you know, Pervychu Alice cosplayed as Clorox-chan the next day!

Posted by Pervychu Alice on Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Other artists gave Clorox-chan a darker twist, depicting her as a sadist luring you to a painful death.

For those who are enjoying clorox-chan and want to know more about her she is known to be a bit of a…

Posted by Kuma Artsu on Wednesday, January 3, 2018


What will artists personify next?

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