Anime Salaries Infographic

It’s almost depressing to see how little anime creators get paid to work on the anime that you love. Check out the infographic attached to see just how much it is!

anime salary infographic
This is how much anime staff get paid.

In-between Art Staff

  • Monthly Salary: 92,500 yen ($862)

Layout Creator, Rough Key Artists

  • Yearly Salary: 2,340,000 yen ($21,800)

Paint Staff

  • Monthly Salary: 162,000 yen ($1,509)
  • Yearly Salary: 1,950,000 yen ($18,167)

2nd Key Animation/Clean-Up

  • Monthly Salary: 93,333 yen ($870)
  • Yearly Salary: 1,120,000 yen ($10,434)

Infographic provided by

John Marco
Anime nerd and meganekko.
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