Anime Producer Asks Fans to Stop Illegally Streaming Anime

Piracy is the elephant in the room when it comes to the anime industry. People on both sides of the fence engage in passionate arguments and appeals to emotion, but an anime producer has one request: stop illegally streaming anime.

Yoshitada Fukuhara produced the mega-hit anime series Kemono Friends and he took to Twitter to ask fans to avoid illegal streaming sites.


“People watching illegally uploaded videos, it would be better if you stopped it is a copyright violation and it just allows illegal uploaders to make money through advertisements. The creator who is supposed to earn the money will not receive even one yen. I won’t say you have to pay money to be a fan, but please don’t use illegal viewing sites at least!

Piracy has long been a hot topic within the anime industry, and it’s estimated that the industry loses out on between $5.50 million to $22 million a year due to illegal streaming.

Kemono Friends

Japan is known for having stricted copyright laws and routinely goes after illegal uploaders, bootleggers, and file shares. However, international piracy has long been a thorn in the industry’s side, and Fukuhara’s plea could easily be aimed at the international community as well as the Japanese community.

It’s true that illegal streaming sites profit off of the hard work of animators, but we’ll see if Fukuhara’s idealistic plea will have any effect on pirates.

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