Anime Matsuri Attendees Say Man in Nazi Gear Read Anne Frank Fanfiction at Official Panel

Update: Geeks 5 Ever and Anime Matsuri released statements in regards to the Nazi cosplayer. Geeks 5 Ever canceled their panel a month ago, but that was not reflected in the panel schedule, and the attendee took over the spot. You can read both statements below:


Below, we removed the original tweet that shared the fanfiction reading was put on by Geeks 5 Ever at the poster’s request.


Original article:

The Anime Matsuri convention has begun in Houston, Texas and it lasts through the weekend.

The convention has been plagued by multiple scandals in the past that have been covered by the local press on a few occasions. The ongoing issues have resulted in a movement called Boycott Anime Matsuri.


The start of the convention seemed to be off to a scandal-free start with an appearance by the Houston Mayor in an Itachi cosplay.


But by the evening, social media lit up with rumors of a new controversy.


Anime Matsuri attendees are claiming that the man was doing more than just dressing up.

A tweet that has since been removed at the poster’s request stated that the reading took place at the Geeks 5 Ever panel.


On Anime Matsuri’s schedule, we confirmed that there was a panel hosted by Geeks 5 Ever that people are referencing. But it’s not clear if the person in question helped host the panel or was just an attendee.

The Terrible Fanfiction Readings panel description reads: Come join the Geeks 5 Ever crew as they read some of the worst and most cringe worthy fanfiction of all time out loud for everyone to laugh or cry at. You can even bring a fanfiction you find horrible and read it out loud as well.


Some people are asking if he could be cosplaying as the game character Wolfenstein, while others disagree.


Regardless of the person’s intentions, negative reactions are spreading quickly online.



This also isn’t the first time that con-goers have taken to social media after seeing controversial outfits at conventions.

The most recent incident was of the Columbine cosplayers at Anime Los Angeles in January 2018 that coincided with a threatening post on 4chan.

Despite the online threat, Anime Los Angeles ended safely.


To clarify, there are few verifiable details on the person wearing a Nazi-inspired outfit at Anime Matsuri.

There are no videos or recordings of the event that have surfaced so far that prove the person in question was reading Anne Frank fanfiction. The person has also not spoken out saying if their cosplay is meant to be of the game character Wolfenstein or is representing something else.

The one thing we do know is tensions are likely to rise throughout Anime Matsuri as calls for boycotts grow stronger due to past sexual harassment scandals and as attendees try to find more information on this person.

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