Anime-Gataris is a charming little series about watching anime. It fits right in with other anime about niche topics, like Gamers! and Amanchu!, but with less obnoxious characters.


The series opens in the first episode with Minoa, who seems to fit the average anime fan archetype, trying to remember the name of a Macross-type anime she watched as a child. She makes the mistake of talking anime to a friend, which sparks the attention of popular girl Kamiigusa. Kamiigusa seems to fit the archetype of the person you’d never expect to be a big anime fan. So she’s basically like Kanye, The Weeknd, Linkin Park or anybody who doesn’t fit the otaku mold but who are major fans.

Anime-Gatari stands apart from other shows by subverting expectations with these two girls. They don’t immediately connect and fangirl together. There are different levels of enthusiasm and a few moments where they don’t sync up.

Anime-Gataris Anime-Gataris Anime-Gataris Anime-Gataris


It’s a nice change of pace seeing two characters with great chemistry realistically hit it off about a niche hobby, even if they’re different types of fans. This chemistry is the strongest aspect of the series, with the humor being a little lowkey – there are no laugh-out moments, which may disappoint comedy fans.


The colorful art, enthusiastic duo, and charming feeling of Anime-Gataris leads to a strong first episode. The cast has a chance to expand as the girls recruit members for the revived anime club. The show shared a peek of possible future characters that cover different archetypes with a quiet light novel fan, a popular guy with anime pins, a chuunibyou, and a “kogal” girl who hunts down merchandise.

However, some fans may be confused due to a talking cat and magical beret introduced at the end.


Maybe Anime-Gataris is going to go down a supernatural road, but for now, the warm fuzzies are enough to entertain anime fans.

April obsesses over mainstream media just as much as she obsesses over anime. So she's here to share the best of both worlds for the anime community! Avatar courtesy of KR0NPR1NZ!
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