Anime Fan Divides Community with “World Class” vs “Otaku Class” Labels

Anime fans are constantly debating about quality and what deserves recognization. Popular labels include “mainstream,” “underrated,” “overhyped,” and the ever so tantalizing “obscure.”

Anime Winter 2018

However, one Japanese Twitter user kicked a hornet’s nest that no one knew existed. When talking about “extraordinary anime,” @amamituhakushi divides shows into “World Class Anime Hits” and “Anime that Otaku Think are World Class Anime Hits.” Basically, real hits versus otaku-only not-so-hits. @amamituhakushi warns that some people will get mad, but there is a distinction between “World Class” and “Otaku Class.”

On the left, you’ll find World Class anime like The Wind RisesGhost in the ShellIn This Corner of the World, and Akira. @amamituhakushi argues that these deserve to be called masterpieces. Judging by the anime that was chosen, they seem to value works that are globally recognized, can be enjoyed by non-anime fans, and have restrained art styles.

Steins;Gate 0

On the right, you’ll find Otaku Class anime like Sword Art OnlineRe:ZeroSteins;Gate, and Clannad. These aren’t as good, respected, or as well-known as otaku believe them to be.

The highly generalized Tweet sparked strong reactions from both sides, which can be encapsulated by these two comments:

Fans of SAO and Re:Zero are all made up of kids and people who love cute anime girls. They’re the embarrassment of Japan. I think Clannad is a work we can be proud of, but I don’t know if it suits a global audience.”

I’m sorry. The productions on the right might not be great, but the ones on the left aren’t that fantastic either. Anime on the right are popular in both Japan and overseas, so it’ll be wise not to lump them all together with otaku.


Nyaruko: Crawling with Love

Fans are always willing to defend their favorite shows, but even those that take exception at the Tweet’s claims will admit that Otaku Class anime should be avoided. Now the reason question is what makes an Otaku Class series?

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