Anime Characters Appear in Illegal Net Neutrality FCC Comments

Net Neutrality protects the Internet from extra fees, allows users to get HD streaming without paying extra for it, and stops ISPs from slowing down sites they don’t like. (Here’s an in-depth overview of Net Neutrality and it’s possible effect on anime)

The FCC’s open comment period allowed U.S. citizens to share why they were for or against Net Neutrality. They had over 21.7 million comments but only 6 percent of the nearly 22 million comments were unique. Former President Barack Obama, Senator Jeff Merkley, and lots and lots of dead people have copy-pasta comments against Net Neutrality tied to their names.

And now it’s been uncovered that someone (or some robot that thought otaku Twitter names are real) has posted comments for anime characters.

Of course, there are many more.

Goku is a favorite.


Kirito doesn’t like the Internet after being trapped in the virtual world.



Naruto, Luffy, and Edward Elric all know a lot about the Internet for characters that live in a time with no Internet.





It’s likely there are tons more anime characters. You can look them up on your own through the portal from the NY State Attorney General who is investigating if there have been crimes committed: 

This posting name is my favorite one though. If there’s a spambot, they didn’t block out Japanese words.


Kimi ni Todoke - Yona of the Dawn - Chihayfuru - Paradise Kiss
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