Animator Dorm Project Launches Campaign to Give Profits to Animators

The Anime Supporters is a non-profit organization is known for crowdfunding housing for low-income rookie animators. Their latest campaign was a success in opening a second women’s dorm that will house two animators. They have been doing since 2014 and 35 animators will have been supported by 2018.

Animator Dormitory Project

Their newest project is radically different. The Anime Supporters want to tackle the production committee system and set something up that is more beneficial towards animators. Using the GoGetFunding platform, they are seeking to raise $20,000 to create anime. There is no specified deadline.

The project will utilize The Anime Supporters’ past and current dorm members as the production staff. All profits from the anime will go to animators. Even more interesting is that they will host a contest in 2019 that will turn a fan’s storyboard into the actual anime.

Part of the campaign’s goal is to raise awareness to the wage disparity within the industry. Due to the nature of production committees, very little of the profits go to studios. They claim that 25% of studios are in debt because of the system.

Anime Studios
The number of anime studios that are in debt has been steadily rising since 2014.

This contributes to low wages – animators are typically paid 200 yen ($1.82) per drawing. Most rookie animators make less than 30,000 yen ($272.86) a month because they don’t have the training to draw in bulk. Compounding the issue is that higher staff members are overwhelmed with long hours, so they can’t properly critique rookies. The long hours also prevent rookies from taking on side-jobs, which causes 80% of them to quit.

The Animator Supporters have been trying to tackle these issues in various ways to bring small changes to the system. Besides their dormitory project, they also host free monthly drawing classes and introduce side-jobs that fit an animator’s lifestyle.


This next stage is an attempt to create a new production system that will allow animators to share in the profits. You can visit GoGetFunding to donate to the campaign.

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