Anicoin is a Cryptocurrency Looking to Bypass Production Committees

Move over Otaku Coin, there’s a new anime cryptocurrency in town!

Idol Connect -Asterisk Live-

Creative Frontier, the production company behind Idol Connect -Asterisk Live-, announced plans to launch Anicoin, which is a new cryptocurrency that will be used to bypass production committees.

Token sales for Anicoin’s initial coin offering (ICO) will be held in February, months before Tokyo Otaku Mode’s launch of Otaku Coin.

Creative Frontier plans to use the raised funds to produce a visual novel and anime adaptation of Idol Connect -Asterisk Live-, which is a defunct mobile game. The mobile game was live for only 4 months, but it has several music CDs and a live concert was held in Akihabara in September 2017.

The company also plans on creating a virtual Youtuber and various anime projects for their “Indoor With Diva” project.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been seeing widespread adoption as an alternative to traditional currency.

Creative Frontier is hoping that Anicoin will change how anime and games are produced. The company says that developers and studios are in weak positions because most of a project’s profits go to investors who make up production committees. It’s common for game developers and animation studios to be excluded from production committees, which has caused a massive outcry in recent years.

If funded, Creative Frontier will sell physical copies of their projects to consumers and licenses to streaming services. The company will also use any profits to “burn” Anicoins, which will decrease the amount of coin on the market to increase its value.

Creative Frontier is toying with possible uses of Anicoin, which may include directly funding creators or purchasing limited-edition merchandise. Anicoin is being billed as “the world’s first cryptocurrency for anime contents.” Tokyo Otaku Mode revealed Otaku Coin last month, and they are also billing it as an alternative to production committees.

Kill la Kill

Currently, no anime studio or producer has stated if they will accept either currency for anime production.

Ader Titsoff
I grew up traveling around the world with my parents who practice and teach medicine. We spent 6 years in South Asia, including Japan, and my anime obsession began there. Sports, horror, and Seinen are my favorite genres. Favorite quote: "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." by William James
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