An Ocean of Childhood Nostalgia Will Wash Over You In ‘Mitsuboshi Colors’

Mitsuboshi Colors is here to steal your heart with pure comedy and crazy kids! It’s the type of series that fans of the cult hit manga Yotsuba&! hope will get made one day, but Mitsuboshi Colors is a good replacement.


What is Mitsuboshi Colors?

Mitsuboshi Colors

This manga turned anime series by Katsuwo follows three friends solving cases in order to keep their town’s peace. As the team COLORS, they solve riddles, save animals, attempt to blow up a corrupt cop, and cleanse Earth of pollution. In reality, they are having fun with their imaginations and warming your heart with comedy.

And as you can tell, this series is not about brightly colored Mitsubishi cars.


Mitsuboshi Colors is About Childhood.

Mitsuboshi Colors

It’s fairly therapeutic watching Yui, Kotoha, and Sat-chan running around and having fun around town. The girls have a simple approach to everything: charge headfirst with pure enthusiasm!

It’s the type of energy many of us had when we were kids, and you may feel an ocean of nostalgia wash over you. Mitsuboshi Colors eschews a deep storyline or world building in favor of appealing to your emotions. The show’s trio enthusiasm for small things can awaken memories of simpler times in your life.

In fact, Mitsuboshi Colors depicts childhood better than most anime. Kids don’t need a real reason to chase after cat other than having fun, and sometimes they misinterpret words (like smithereens), which can lead to entertaining conversations.

It’s also endearing seeing some the adults play along with the girls’ strange games. Pops, an eccentric shop owner, seems to enjoy planting strange ideas in their minds. Saito, who is a cop, swallows his annoyance and is willing to play a villain for them at times.

Mitsuboshi Colors uses these cute moments and obnoxious humor to create a sense of in-world community that is absolutely endearing.


Should You Watch Mitsuboshi Colors?

Mitsuboshi Colors

Mitsuboshi Colors is part-iyashikei and part-comedy. There isn’t much to the story and a lot of jokes are either based on childish puns or use the girls’ lack of understanding as a punchline. However, the comedic timing and pacing are top-notch, so you may find yourself laughing alongside the silly jokes.

Watching friends running around town and terrorizing a cop sounds maybe a type of palate cleanser for a hectic week.

You can legally stream Mitsuboshi Colors on HIDIVE.

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