An English Version of The Magikarp Song Has Been Produced

Last year, The Pokemon Company decided to give Magikarp the spotlight by producing an official song and dance. The song celebrates Magikarp’s status as being the weakest Pokemon and for having the lamest starting move.

The song was produced in good humor to show some love for Magikarp, and it quickly became a phenomenon on the internet. Who knew so many people loved Magikarp?

Now, they decided to produce an English version of “The Magikarp Song,” because why not keep spreading the love? Give it a listen!

Do you unironically love Magikarp or do you still pass on them while playing Pokemon games?

Majored in Music @Duke, but realized that being a Jazz singer wasn't a real job. Now I spend my days watching anime and writing about the music industry. Glad to be in the new round of GB hires. Look forward to my coverage.
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