All-New ‘Dragon Ball’ Movie is Coming in December 2018

Toei Animation revealed that an all-new Dragon Ball movie is produced. This will be the 20th movie in the franchise and it will open in Japan in December 2018.

Dragon Ball

While details weren’t revealed, Toei Animation teased that the movie will explore the origins of the Saiyan race’s strength. They also said that series creator Akira Toriyama will write the script and design the cast.

Back in November, Toriyama caused some controversy when he ret-conned the Super Saiyan ability while participating in an interview. Toriyama said that in order to become a Saiyan, one has to possess a certain amount of “S-Cells” and have a gentle spirit. You can read the translated interview below:

More details will be shared at a later date. Are you excited to learn the origins of the Saiyans?

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