A Team of Japanese College Students are Creating an Indie Anime

A group of Japanese college students is poised to take the anime industry by storm! Gekigadan is comprised of 30 college students from Kyoto and they are independently producing Kuuchuu Gunkan Atlantis (Aerial Battleship Atlantis).

Set on a floating island called Atlantis, the story follows a captured girl named Luna and her would-be rescuer Cyan. Not everything is a simple as it appears thanks to a mysterious enemy and the robot Gekiga-go.

Gekigadan is remaining tight-lipped about the project as they gear up for a crowdfunding campaign. They are partnering with DON’CRY for the campaign, and if it’s successful, the 15-minute OVA will have a theatrical screening.

The collective has been promoting Kuuchuu Gunkan Atlantis since last September. They have been sharing behind-the-scenes videos, rough animation cuts, and the two-room wooden apartment that serves as their studio.


Gekigadan is looking to carve their own path with independently produced anime, much like Gainax did in the past. Before becoming a respected studio, Gainax began as a group of Osaka college students known as Daicon Film. The group featured Hideaki Anno, Takami Akai, and Hiroyuki Yamaga.

More info on Gekigadan’s crowdfunding campaign will be released at a later time.

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