A Real-Life Cancer Researcher Can’t Stop Praising ‘Cells at Work!”

Fans have been singing praises about Cells at Work!, which is a series that personifies your body’s cells. It’s a blend of education, comedy, emotions, and moe!

Cells at Work!

The anime’s seventh episode follows the touchy topic of cancer, and it follows our microscopic heroes facing off against cancer cells. Its depiction was well-received by fans, but it’s gaining extra attention thanks to a cancer researcher.

Dr. Satoru Otsuka is a postdoctoral fellow in the molecular neurooncology department at Emory University School of Medicine. Basically, he’s dedicated to cancer research. He also loves Cells at Work!.

Cells at Work!

Dr. Otsuka praised episode seven for being very accurate “from the point of view of a cancer researcher.” He Tweeted that everyone’s body is constantly fighting to destroy cancer cells hundreds of times a day. Our immune system makes it so that cancer isn’t formed, but when immune cells can’t keep up, cancer starts to take hold.

Dr. Otsuka continues that Cells at Work! touches on an overlooked cancer symptom: unexpected weight loss. He says this is due to cancer cells using up more nutrition than healthy cells. Physicians can use this symptom to catch cancer in its early stages.

Cells at Work!

Dr. Otsuka added that he’s “truly grateful” for the anime and that it’s a great way for people to understand topics like cancer. He went further and recommends that fans check out the manga, saying “You can’t remember with textbooks about living things, but with this, you can remember.”

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