A.I. Engineer Makes a Robot to Be His Wife

It’s like a scene out of an anime: a man marrying his robotic girlfriend so they can live a happy life together. Instead, this story is real.


Zheng Jiajia is a 31-year-old artificial intelligence engineer who lives in China. After years of his family pestering Zheng to get married, he decided to create his own wife. Naming the robot Yingying, the pair got married in front of Zheng’s family and friends.

As of right now, Yingying can only read basic Chinese characters, identify images, and say a few words. But, Zheng has plans to upgrade his wife so that she will be able to walk, hold conversations, and do household chores.

It may seem silly to marry a robot, but experts think this may become a norm within the next 35 years. In his book “Love and Sex with Robots,” Dr. Levy claimed, “The first marriage will be before, not after, 2050. Sex and love with robots at a human level may appear to be a long way off, but the future has a way of laughing at you.”


While we wait for that possible future to arrive, we’re sure Zheng and Jingjing will have a happy marriage.

I sometimes write words so I'm here to bring a different perspective to anime culture.
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