A.I. Automatically Generates Moe Girls Right on Your Browser

Making your own moe girls has never been easier

Artificial Intelligence is not a new topic of discussion for the anime community. We’ve had anime producers say that the future of anime is with Artificial Intelligence, researchers developing programs that make the animation smoother and, of course, who could forget our glorious overlord Motoko.

Y-yes, mistress!

But outside of abusive chat A.I., the programs that rely on Artificial Intelligence are usually out of reach for your everyday otaku. That all changes with the website make.girls.moe

The website is created by @namaniku0 and their team. The A.I. generates customized anime characters based on your personal preferences.  The project was made for anime fans who have no skill in drawing but have character ideas or to assist artists in coming up with new concepts and inspiration.

The A.I. works by pulling from a database of thousands of character sheets of anime games. It learns what features they have (hair style and color, smile, accessories) and how the human artists put these features together to make an appealing character.

Here are some examples of A.I.-generated characters

The website is easy and intuitive to use. Simply pick out the features of the moe girl you want and keep clicking “Generate” until you land on a character that you would risk your life to protect.

You can set “Noise” to Fixed if you are happy with the general style or pose and you just want the AI to make small adjustments

Share with us in the comments the moe girls you’ve created at make.girls.moe! Here’s mine, after a few tries:

My own silver-haired meganekko kuudere oujosama. I love her already.

Nina Pangan
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