9 ‘Your Name’ Cinemagraphs That Capture the Movie’s Subtlety

Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name (Kimi no Na wa) is the most commercially successful anime of all-time and is the 7th-highest-grossing animated movie of all-time.


Fans credit the movie’s success due to its beautiful, picturesque animation. This style is a hallmark of Shinkai’s films, including The Garden of Words.


The rural town of Itomori is fictional, but Shinkai drew inspiration from real-life locations. Hida, Gifu is one place that Itomori is based on.


Tokyo is the movie’s other main location. The industrialized life in Tokyo and the rural life in Itomori is used to paint the different worlds of the two protagonists.


While everyone talks about Shinkai’s touch, the movie’s smooth animation should be credited to Studio Ghibli alum Masashi Ando. Ando served as the movie’s animation director. He served the same role on Spirited AwayPaprika, and A Letter to Momo.


A majority of Your Name‘s iconic scenes were drawn by Takashi Hashimoto, who has worked on over 200 different anime!


One of the biggest achievements of Your Name is the subtle body movement, which is not something commonly seen in anime. The way Taki and Mitsuha act as one-another gives a “live-action actor” like quality.



Shinkai loves using the environment to highlight a character’s feelings. Traditionally, snow is used to show sentimentality, especially “vulnerable love.”


You can see more expertly captured Your Name cinemagraphs on cyan1618’s Imgur page.

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