9 Torture Methods Worse Than Everything In Tokyo Ghoul

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This is NSFL (Not Safe For Life) so if you’re squeamish, read about happy animal gifs instead. 


Tokyo Ghoul had some strong tortue scenes, especially for a more mainstream anime.

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But once again, real life is worse than fiction. These are all real torture methods used on people in history and some still today.


1. Pear of Anguish

Basically, it goes up your butt. Pincers first.

2. Judas Cradle

You’re slowly lowered onto a pointy chair with ropes. You begin to split apart as the ropes pull you down, below the point of the triangle chair.

People either pass out from the pain or die of blood loss.

3. A goat tongue and salty feet

You’re tied up, your feet are salted, then a goat licks the salt water off your feet with it’s rough tongue. The goat will continue licking until feet are raw and flesh torn to the bone.

4. Saint Elmo’s Belt and carnivorous worms

Tokyo Ghoul may have some centipedes but the Saint Elmo belt was worn then increasingly tightened to tear away the flesh. Then carnivorous worms would be inserted and free to roam all around your body. And they’ll live on for days, wiggling inside of you. Wait until they get near your eyes and under your cheeks.



5. Scalping

*9 second video, still can turn your stomach

The torture method popularized by American Indians and history class is more gruesome than you’d think and is used by certain Mexican cartels to this day.

They cut your scalp off, hair included, and sometimes made you watch in a mirror as it happened.

6. The upside down saw

A person was sawed starting from the bottom. They went slow – just in case the victim felt like confessing halfway through.

7. Pillory Torture

A form of public shaming, this practice had loads of downsides like sometimes ears were nailed to the wood or overnight or a drunk might come and “take liberties” with you bent over during the night. People got raped a lot in a pillory.



8. The Brazen Bull

Used in Ancient Greece, you’re placed inside the bronze bull then a fire is lit underneath. The victim is literally baked inside. Like a potato. The acoustics of the bull makes the screams sound like bull noises.

The original inventor of the bull was actually the first one who it was tested on.



9. Chinese glass rod

I am not putting an image for this

A thin glass rod is inserted into the body (usually in the penis) then it’s shattered when it’s far inside.

Now you have glass inside your penis. How are you going to get that out?


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