9 Chinese Manga That Are Ready To Beat Their Japanese Competition

From epic adventures to luscious full color dramas, don't be surprised if you soon prefer Chinese manga over Japanese.

Click on the titles to explore more about each manga.

1. The Ravages of Time

Kickass, incredible art, and an adaptation of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. Need I say more?

2. Song of The Long March / Chang Ge Xing

A brilliant princess becomes a war tactician to survive after her father is overthrown. The art and realistic character development will cause you to intensely crave more.

3. The One

Fashion and a fierce race to the top punctate this romcom that rises above other shoujo with similar themes.

4. The Legend and the Hero / Feng Shen Ji

A sprawling epic with empires and a fight against the Gods. If you love color and not being able to guess what happens next, this manhua is what you’ve been looking for.

5. School Shock

Human weapons called “Vanguards” are the next evolution in weaponry and they don’t hold back in battle or fanservice.

6. Playful Dragon / Hua Hua You Long  

Through kidnap and deceit, a young man becomes the wife of a leader of bandits that doesn’t want to let him go. This hardcore yaoi will bring you to your knees with glossy art and compromising situations.

7. Ingènuo

A sweet photographer in training pretends to be a boy so she can work with her idol. Even though the manual labor is back breaking, her talent grows daily from practice and she might have found the love of her life.

8. Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang

A manipulative shoujo love affair with secrets, intellectual warfare, and equally strong leads who can also be vulnerable.

9. Orange (BENJAMIN)  

A young girl gives in to her empty life and reaches for suicide until a drunken man changes her perspective on everything. It’s filled with undeniably beautiful artwork and a story about finding peace in a cold world.


Jenbae enjoys reading manga, yelling at her laptop, and eating popcorn with extra butter. She also enjoys writing blurbs about herself in 3rd person where she doesn't know what to say but she recommends everyone to check out the webtoons: The Gamer and The Pale Horse.
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