9 Anime Heroes That Ruin Their Own Show

The sad truth is that not every main character is great, relatable, or praiseworthy. Some main characters are pretty terrible and can ruin the show they are supposed to star in. Don’t be like these main characters.


1Makoto Itou – School Days

“I’ll try emotional manipulation, betrayal, and cheating, those are good relationship tricks!” – Makoto Itou, probably.

Seriously, he has to be the most uncharismatic and terrible main character ever. The only redeeming factor is that he had the decency to take a one-way boat trip.

2Ichika Orimura – Infinite Stratos

While Makoto used his harem powers to have sex with everyone, Ichika does the opposite. Despite having a harem of beautiful girls wanting to be with him, Ichika plays dumb. Because of his density, the relationships between him and the other characters are stuck running in place.

3Yukiteru Amano – Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary)

Is there a character that cries as much as Yukiteru? It’s like he has the emotional baggage of Shinji Ikari, but with a fraction of the psychological trauma. Even when he does something cool, which is rare, Yukiteru ends up in tears. His crying and weak emotional state wouldn’t be bad if he grew out of it as the series progressed, but nope! He’s forever a tear shedder.

4Rito Yuuki – To Love-Ru

Rito’s fear of girls started out as a charming quirk that led to some funny moments, but it has gone on long enough. To this day, Rito can’t get near a girl without freaking out from the slightest bit of contact. Why do Lala and the rest of the girls put up with him?

5Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière – The Familiar of Zero

There is a fine line between the adorable awkwardness of the tsundere personality and immature physical abuse. Louise is almost always stuck in tsun mode and lashes out towards Saito for every minor thing. This goes on for four seasons!

6Raki – Claymore

Raki singlehandedly ruined Claymore for anime fans who couldn’t put up with his constant whining. Again, his weakness wouldn’t be terrible if he grew out of it and contributed to the story. However, he just cries for 26 episodes without contributing to anything. Clare must be a masochist if she’s willing to have Raki tag along.

7Haruyuki Arita – Accel World

Haruyuki is Cartman without the humor. He’s supposed to act as a surrogate for socially awkward guys, but there is a reason why a majority of heroes break out of their awkward shell. With a little bit of character growth, Haruyuki could have ended up as a decent character. Instead, he somehow complains his way into a harem.

8Sakurai Tomoki – Heaven’s Lost Property

Does Sakurai do anything besides be a pervert? At least High School DxD‘s Issei plays an important role in the story, which allows viewers to forgive his perverse nature. Sakurai, though? You can take him out of the story and nothing would change.

9Your Waifu

Literally the worst.


Who do you think are the worst main characters in anime?

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