8 Things That Always Happen During Thanksgiving Gatherings

The year is winding down, which means it’s time to feast with your family and friends! Wait…THAT’s TODAY!?!?

Engaged to the Unidentified

Engaged to the Unidentified © Engaged to the Unidentified Production Committee

Thanksgiving represents a lot of things for different: family get-togethers, good food, the Detroit Lions losing on national TV, and reflecting on the year’s events.

But there are some things that are universal, such as…


1. Last second shopping.Shopping Gif

There’s always one thing missing, which will no doubt ruin your perfect meal. It could be a jar of gravy, cornbread mix, or an assortment of vegetables — and no, IT’S NOT FINE IF IT’S MISSING!!

Good luck dealing the endless lines, bare store shelves, and cranky customers that have the same problem as you. Just don’t take it out on the cashier — they don’t want to work any more than you do on the holiday.


2. TrafficFate/Zero

Fate/Zero © Fate/Zero Production Committee

A lot of people commute to visit their families during Thanksgiving, which can lead to slow traffic flow. It’s best to leave a few hours early for your drive — provided your household can get everything in the car on time.


3. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeDragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super © Toei Animation / Akira Toriyama / Dragon Ball Super Production Commitee

This is the largest and most celebrated parade in the nation, with hundreds of thousands of attendees and millions more tuning in on TV. The Macy’s parade features the best marching bands from a variety of schools, live music performances, and floats based on pop-culture icons. In fact, Super Saiyan Blue Goku will have a balloon, making him the first manga character in the parade’s history.


4. A lot of Food, but not EnoughSpirited Away

Spirited Away © Studio Ghibli

Thanksgiving Day is one of the few feast holidays in the nation, so families tend to go all out with the cooking. Turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes — you name it and it’ll be there!

Since gatherings can be large, the hosts can worry about making too much and too little food. On top of this, their guests are expected to bring one dish. Once the celebration is done, leftovers are divvied up — which can lead to long-winded back-and-forths about accepting and declining leftovers.


5. The Pumpkin PiePie Flower Knight Girl

Flower Knight Girl © DMM Games [Flower Knight Girl — NSFW, so make sure the family isn’t looking and then check out their Black Friday deals starting midnight!]

Who doesn’t love pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving? It’s the socially acceptable time to turn a nutritious gourd into a dessert — not too sugary and just “healthy” enough to not make you feel guilty about thirds! Sweet potato pie and pecan pie are acceptable substitutes — along with the cutie pie above!


6. Lowkey Cooking CompetitionsFood Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma © Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Production Committee

Like wearing the same outfit to the club, two people bringing the same dish to Thanksgiving will lead to Chopped type tensions. You’ll be asked to carefully judge each offering, and you can’t cop-out with a neutral answer. Nothing is worse than saying “they are the same” when your mom and sister-in-law asks for an opinion.


 7. Background Football NoisesDetroit Lions Fan

Thanksgiving and football are as iconic as Christmas and Santa. Except, sports fans get to win control over the TV due to a lack of Thanksgiving movies — well, there is ThanksKilling.

Anyway, it’s one of the times the nation gets to watch the Detroit Lions or indulge in more Dallas Cowboys. People will pretend to care, but interest will wane after the first “Dilly Dilly” commercial. But hey, it’s part of the ambiance!


8. Sharing Embarrassing Childhood StoriesWataMote

WataMote © WataMote Production Committee

It’s bound to happen when the family is together. Your dad will tell a story that embarrasses you, then your grandpa will clap back, only to be overthrown by grandma, and the vicious cringe-a-thon happens. Almost like watching WataMote all over again!


What’s your favorite thing about Thanksgiving Day?

Alex Jaxon
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