8 Porter Robinson Songs You Should Know Other Than ‘Shelter’

Porter Robinson is a crowd favorite among anime and music fans. The self-taught producer incorporates video games samples and Japanese vocals over a bed of synth to create unique songs that have climbed the charts.

While he’s been achieving Billboard success since 2012, Madeon and Robinson’s collaborative track “Shelter” earned them a new legion of fans with over 26 million views on YouTube.


If you love “Shelter”, you’ll enjoy taking a journey through Porter Robinson’s discography that hides more Japanese inspiration through vocaloid, bullet trains, animated videos, and even a song that ties into the “Shelter” story.



A strong funky beat, synth flow, and Japanese vocals make this a favorite for chill listening. The video is equally inspired with glitchy, electric edits on the view you’d have while sitting on a bullet train in Japan.


2Sea of Voices

“Sea of Voices” is a tranquil experience. The simple choir-like vocals pull you into a trance as the wind chimes and drums work their magic.


3Sad Machine

This glitch-pop track has become a modern classic. The love song revolves around Robinson and the English Vocaloid AVANNA over a slowly building track that tells a story. For Porter fans, there’s a deeper connection between this song and “Shelter”. Fans have ignited hundreds of threads online debating which song comes first in the universe, who exactly is the sad machine, and the nuances of the two musical stories.


4Say My Name

“Say My Name” is a throwback to Robinson’s beginnings. The 8-bit inspire track features a catchy tagline and a beat that’ll get everyone moving.



This trance video has similarly high-class animation pedigree to “Shelter” with acclaimed animators Wesley Louis and Tim McCourt on board. Like other Porter songs, this track has a deeper story that embodies apathy, futurism, and embracing nature over dark cityscapes.



“Divinity” is one of the most out there and non-mainstream tracks on purpose. A major goal of Porter Robinson’s Worlds album was to create something that stands apart from the currently popular formulaic EDM music. This track takes big risks by hopping between dance, trance, and glitch-pop on this ambient journey.



“Unison” from his breakout 2011 Spitfire EP might be Robinson’s most well-known track and helped catapult him to popularity through the Knife Party remix. It’s a club hit thanks to its dubstep inspired drops and sharp chords.



This 2012 progressive house track debuted at number 9 on the UK Singles Chart making it an early hit as Porter aimed for mainstream success. The thumping electric beat underscores gorgeous nature shots in the video as the protagonist struggles to survive.


What are your favorite Porter Robinson tracks?

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