8 Anime That Choked Harder than the Atlanta Falcons at the Super Bowl

Not every anime can win to become greatness!

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in America. It’s estimated that 111.5 million people watched the game, which means every one of them witnessed that Atlanta Falcons choke job.

The Falcons should have won the game, and at one point they were up by 25 points…but the Patriots pulled the largest comeback in Super Bowl history to win their 5th title. Such is life.

The tragic event reminded me of some anime series. Like the Falcons, they had a big lead and could have become truly great series. And like the Falcons, they choked and became disappointments.


1Kuma Miko

Kuma Miko was such an adorable show with charming characters and a surprising amount of wit. But everything changed during the final four episodes. Dear God, did everything change for the worse…

The finale threw every bit of character progression away for an ending that was so terrible, that the mangaka had to apologize for not stopping the anime’s original ending.


Hey guys, let’s get Gen Urobuchi to create an original mecha series! Fans love his style of writing, and it could introduce fans to the genre who don’t like Gundam

Except Urobuchi only wrote the first episode, which was a great premier. Sadly, the series went downhill from there, as the creative team did not know how to handle the characters or plot. In fact, nothing really happens over the course of 24 episodes.

3Guilty Crown

At the time Guilty Crown was announced, fans were super hyped because the series had a dream team of creators working on it.

Tetsurō Araki (Death Note director) was directing, Ichirō Ōkouchi (Code Geass writer) was writing, Hiroyuki Sawano (Gundam Unicorn composer) was composing the soundtrack, and Redjuice was designing the characters. Guilty Crown was poised to look good, sound good, and tell a great story…

But episode 14 happened, which introduced plot holes, loose story threads, and ruined character progression between Shuu Ouma and Inori Yuzuriha. Like the Falcons, the series got off to a strong start only to blow it in the end.


Charlotte is not a terrible show, but it falls due to Jun Maeda’s ambition.

The series is an interesting take on the superhero genre, and has a unique system where powers have a flaw that harms the users. A charismatic cast is introduced, there is an interesting government conspiracy, and emotional progress is made.

But things get rushed around episode 9. A key event practically gets erased, even more characters are introduced while the old cast is ignored, and a rushed final arc. Seriously, the last 4 episodes was crammed with enough ideas to make a full 12 episode season.

5Umineko: When They Cry

More like When You CryUmineko: When They Cry is a popular visual novel from the creators of Higurashi. It combines the dread and despair of Higurashi with a detective type mystery story you’d find in Ace Attorney.

Sounds good on paper, but so much content is dropped. Only 4 of the 8 visual novel episodes are adapted, important story details are cut, characters are caricatures of their visual novel selves, and the mysteries cannot be solved while watching the anime (unlike in the visual novel).

It’s a shame, because an Umineko: When They Cry anime done right could be great.

6Deadman Wonderland

Yeah, Deadman Wonderland gets a bit edgy at times, but the first half of the series was an interesting take on the battle shounen genre. You have a prison full of superpowered criminals forced to partake in a death game for viewers.

However, story problems started to pop up due to the anime cutting some important characters. The shift away from the death game format also hurt Deadman Wonderland, as it just became a standard “dark shounen.” And don’t even get us started on that ending.

7Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor

What’s sad about Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor is that it could have been a great follow up to The Black Contractor.

Hei’s fall into depression added another layer to his character, and the introduction of Suoh Pavlichenko could have shown how the contractor’s powers affects younger people.

But no, none of that happens. Nothing about the world of Darker than Black is expanded on, Hei magically gets better, and Suoh is just a wasted character.


8Akame ga Kill!!

It was supposed to be a shounen with a seinen feel. Characters would actually die, the story would be mature, and you will cry!

Except, none of that really happens. It’s hard to feel impacted by a character’s death when their only defining characteristic is their hair color. The “morality” angle is little more than bad people fighting even worse people, with the villains being comically evil. And the ending…it went against every established rule the series laid down just for a massive asspull.

What anime series do you think choked and wasted away its great potential?

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