8 Anime New Year’s Resolutions For a Healthier Experience

The New Year is here, which means it’s time to make promises we will never keep! Let’s try to fix the ‘unbroken promises’ issue in 2018, and try to keep at least one of these anime resolutions alive.

1Ignore the “Three-Episode-Drop Rule.”

On paper, this common practice looks good. You give a series three episodes to impress, and you drop it if it fails.

Sadly, this punishes two-cour, unconventional, and slower stories that don’t follow a typical “three-act” narrative. Instead, a new rule of thumb should be watching at least half of a series, since that’s when most of the cast is introduced and the opening arc is over.


2Watch One Anime From a Different Decade.

‘Dirty Pair’ is a sci-fi adventure series from 1985 that has aged well by today’s standards.

Anime is 100 years old! There is so much history out there, but most modern fans are obsessed with catching the latest series.

While it’s great to follow the new stuff, try taking time to watch at least one classic anime to learn about a genre’s foundation or seeing how the medium has grown over the years.


3Watch One Anime From a Genre You Don’t Typically Watch.

If you look hard enough, you can find an anime about anything. Like ‘Working!!,’ which features a dysfunctional restaurant crew.

Most fans stick to a handful of genres, and that’s fine! It’s your time, spend it watching anime you know you’ll love. But try to be a little adventurous and check out a genre you might not think about watching. Who knows, you might find your new favorite series!


It’s incredibly fun to cosplay, but not everyone feels that they are artistic enough to put together a highly detailed costume. Lucky for you, there are loads of anime characters that wear normal clothes that don’t cost a ton or require you to be Picasso.


5Stop Hate-Watching.

Hate watching is a modern trend that involves watching a series or movie that you hate and spewing hateful “insights” online about it. It’s a destructive hobby and doesn’t stop creators from creating anime you don’t like – in fact, they’ll take your hate view as approval.


6Try Visiting a Convention.

Comiket image via The Japan Times

Anime and manga cons are a great way to interact with fans and to discover new works. You can visit this site for a handy list of various conventions and their locations.


7Check Out the Source Material For One Series.

There is nothing wrong with being an anime-only fan, but it’s pretty fun checking out the source material of your favorite series! Depending on the adaptation, you can be entering a new world if new seasons aren’t made. You can finally enjoy the finale to Spice and Wolf!


8Legally Support At least One Anime.

Anime piracy isn’t as clear-cut as some people believe, but it’s still important to legally support the artists when you can. After all, many animators are living below the poverty rate and rely on parents or charities to pay their bills.

If you don’t feel like (or actually can’t) subscribe to a legal streaming service, try to buy a home video copy of favorite seasonal anime or purchase officially licensed merchandise.

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