7 Anime Worlds We Wish Were Real

One of my favorite things about anime is the worlds they take place in. Many of them are unique, beautiful areas filled with magic and other oddities literally impossible to find here. Often when I watch a series, I like to place myself in the setting, just to imagine what life might be like there. There are definitely some anime worlds I like more than others though, and these are some of my favorites:

1. Elkia (No Game No Life)

Image © Madhouse

Edit: Disboard! The world is Disboard! Thanks for the heads up everyone.

I guess Elkia is technically the name of only one country in this world, but I don’t recall the world ever being named. Anyhoo…

I like to bring No Game No Life up quite often, and this is one of the biggest reasons why. It has an awesome world, where everything competitive is decided by games. For anyone who likes competition, strategy, video games, board games, and whatever else you can think of in the gaming realm, it’s basically heaven. Now if only it were real…

2. Kyoto… Sort of (Kyousougiga)

Image © Toei Animation

Some worlds are cool, and others are just bizarre. This one fits the latter category, but there’s a lot to love! Beyond the crazy, colorful demons and inexplicable science projects constantly being carried out, the world just sounds convenient. Imagine, no matter what you break in your home, it will automatically repair itself. Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, maybe I could be a bit less careless, too.

It’s also the only world where trash day can be considered an epic affair. No more setting your garbage bags on the sidewalk! Here, you have to let it go at a specific time of the year, and I mean literally let it go. You toss it into the sky, and it drifts off into oblivion!

3. Grand Line (One Piece)

Image © Toei Animation

This one is half scary, but half awesome. Much of the world is made up of a giant ocean, and if you’re lucky, you can find and eat a devil’s fruit scattered on one of the many islands out here. Depending on the fruit you eat, you receive a strange power. Sometimes they’re silly, but more often than not, they allow people to perform awesome feats of strength or tasks otherwise impossible for the human body (stretching like rubber, to name one). But be warned, once you’ve eaten one of these fruits, you’ll never be able to swim again! Even so, the crazy powers are usually worth it.

If that wasn’t cool enough, many of the islands are unlike anything you’d ever find in our own little world. Islands which have you walking on air, ones which rain lightning strikes daily, and islands floating above the clouds! The tricky part is getting through it all unscathed.

4. Supernatural Ikebukuro (Durarara!!)

Image © Brain’s Base

There’s Ikebukuro, and then there’s this. The city of Ikebukuro in Durarara!! is a tad different from the one this world knows. Standouts include a dullahan riding a motorbike, a superhuman bodyguard with anger management problems, a superhuman Russian sushi chef, and Izaya Orihara, destroyer of cell phones. Imagine the hectic city of Tokyo, already jam-packed with people and activity, thrown into even greater disarray. Seeing vending machines fly by overhead would become commonplace, and you might even come across a few people zombified by a certain sword.

Now that a second season is coming, I wish this place was real even more!

5. Earthsea (Tales From Earthsea)

Image © Studio Ghibli

I’m a huge sucker for fantasy worlds, and this one is a particular favorite of mine. Despite veering far away from Le Guin’s (Tales from Earthsea, The Other Wind) source material, Goro Miyazaki painted a spectacular picture for viewers in his rendition of Tales from Earthsea. It’s a lush world in which knowing the true name of an object, creature, or person lends you power over them. Abilities such as manipulating the wind and creating illusions all come from this understanding, yet these powers are only a small part of this complex world. There are dragons to be seen, underworlds to explore, people to save… I could go on for hours about this.

Seriously though, who wouldn’t want mystical powers in a fantasy world?

6. Prester (Last Exile)

Image © Gonzo

I should add steampunk to that list of settings I’m a sucker for. Prester has quite a few problems, I won’t deny that. The water shortage in particular is alarming. That said, the giant vanships which dominate the sky are a sight to see, and I can’t recall a time I’ve seen a massive ship without wings floating in the sky on Earth just yet. Despite the retro look of this show, certain areas in technology are shown to be beyond our own, such as the ships’ anti-gravity flight capabilities. Participating in the aircraft races held on this planet also looks like a blast. Dangerous, I’m sure, but a lot of fun with the right training.

7. The World Of Pokemon

Image © Nintendo

Do I even need to explain this one?

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