5 Reasons ‘A Place Further Than the Universe’ Should Be on Your Watch List

A Place Further Than the Universe (Sora yori mo Tooi Basho) a new series from Madhouse. While fans are hyped for their sequels in Overlord II and Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, you shouldn’t sleep on this series!

It may have an adorable art style and cast, but a great coming-of-age story seems to bubbling underneath the comfy moe.


1It’s an Original Series

I’m always giddy when following original projects since they give a team a chance to flex their creative muscles. While not always the case, originals aren’t bound by the limitations of a source material, the temperament of the original creator, or are treated like glorified commercial creators.

A Place Further Than the Universe is Madhouse’s first original TV series since 2015’s Death Parade, which leads to high expectations.


2Features a Strong Director and Writer

Madhouse typically hires a team of freelancers, but the studio seems to trust Atsuko Ishizaka with their bigger projects. Madhouse fans know Ishizaka’s for directing No Game No Life and No Game No Life: Zero, but her other directorial credits include The Pet Girl of SakurasouHanayamata, and Prince of Stride: Alternative.

Working alongside Ishizaka is screenwriter Jukki Hanada. He is one of the more reliable modern writers, having worked on the scripts for Steins;GateSound! EuphoniumK-On!!, and Nichijou.

Ishizaka and Hanada did work together adapting No Game No Life, which makes A Place Further Than the Universe their second project as a duo.


3Mari Tamaki’s Feelings are Relatable

It’s early in the series, but Tamaki’s sense of doubt and anxiety are relatable for youths to even adults. Tamaki is worried that she’s wasting her youth avoiding new experiences and lacking accomplishments.

This type of existential crisis is common in young people as they feel that their peers are surpassing them in life, missing out on events, and failing to meet expectations. Tamaki’s goal of an “unplanned adventure” is the perfect motivation for her.


4Strong Coming-of-Age Vibe

Coming-of-age stories can be great character studies, and A Place Further Than the Universe has four potential subjects.

It’s still early, but we know Tamaki and Shirase Kobuchizawa’s motivations. Tamaki wants to break out of her shell and have an adventure, while Kobuchizawa wants to find her mother in Antartica. It’s hinted that the Kobuchizawa’s future arc may not be happy, but she’s determined to see it through.


5Beautiful Animation

A Place Further Than the Universe would have been crowned the most beautiful series this season if it wasn’t for Violet Evergarden. However, A Place Further Than the Universe is a strong competitor thanks to subtle character movements, fluid motion, and one of the greatest chase scenes in recent memory.


What do you think of A Place Further Than the Universe? You legally stream the series on Crunchyroll.

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