4 Ways to Cure That After Con Hangover

Oh no! You didn’t properly prepare for your night of con partying and now, you have a terrible hangover. Don’t worry, there are things you can do to help alleviate some of the pain!


Dehydration is the easiest hangover symptom to treat! If you failed to alternate between alcohol and water during a con party, you can make up for this by drinking water throughout your miserable day.

If your stomach is up to it, you can drink electrolyte-rich beverages like coconut water or simple Gatorade.

For an upset stomach, you’d best drink ginger tea! Add 10-12 pieces of fresh ginger to boiling water, then mix in orange juice, lime juice, and honey. This will help with any nausea you might experience.

Now, if you don’t have an upset stomach, one of the best things to drink while hungover is 100% fruit juice. These juices contain essential vitamins that you lost while drinking, and the fructose will give you a shot of energy to start your morning.


2Eat a Nutrient-Rich Breakfast

You might not want to, but you have to replace the nutrients you lost last night. Depending on how your stomach is feeling, you should try eating some of the following:

  • Eggs: these bad boys are loaded with cysteine, which helps cleanse your body of leftover toxins from binge drinking.
  • Whole grain cereal: most cereals are fortified with essential vitamins, just try to avoid the extra sugary ones.
  • Broth soup: vegetable broth is a good source of vitamins and minerals if you are struggling to eat solid food.
  • Bananas: embrace your inner Aho Girl and shove a couple of bananas in your mouth. Your body will love the potassium, which will help combat your nausea and fatigue.


3Take Some Medication

There is no “cure-all” hangover pill, but you can medicate some of the nagging symptoms.

Your pounding headache and body aches can be treated with regular doses of aspirin and ibuprofen. Antacids can also help with your upset stomach and bouts with the spins. Finally, a multivitamin pill can be taken to replenish your lost nutrients. If you feel that you can’t swallow a pill, look for a soluble one that can dissolve in water.

Whatever you do, avoid medications with acetaminophen! The drug is processed in your liver, just like the alcohol from last night. Taking acetaminophen while hungover can lead to liver failure.



If you’re lucky (and smart), you attended a wicked after-con party knowing you didn’t have work or school the following the day. The best way to fight a hangover is to sleep it off. Spend a few waking hours drinking water, broth, or nibbling on a banana while spending most of the day sleeping.

If you can’t spend most of the day sleeping, try to avoid spending too much staring at bright screens since it will only aggravate your headache. You can also spend time giving your head minor messages.

But seriously, sleep is probably the best thing for recovering from a hangover.

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