39 Different Mangaka Celebrate Girls’ Love with ‘Yuri Drill’ Collection

Boys’ love is by far the most popular depiction of same-sex relationships in manga. The genre is home to popular mangaka and well-known anime adaptations, giving fans plenty of material to enjoy!

Yuri Drill

However, Kadokawa announced that they’ll be showing love to the yuri genre! They’ve asked 39 different creators to depict the various forms of girls’ love in Yuri Drill. To build up hype, Kadokawa is marketing the collection as the “world’s first yuri textbook.”

Yuri Drill will showcase nine different varieties of yuri: classmate love, senpai & kohai, sisters, age gap, cohabitation, adult worker, childhood friends, fantasy, and “most stimulating.” Each prompt will consist of one-page manga or illustrations and prompts explaining each work.

Yuri Drill

Some of the contributing creators include Yui Hara (Kiniro Mosaic), Hachi Itou (Kindred Spirits On The Roof), and Naoko Kodama (NTR: Netsuzou Trap). Yuri Drill will retail for 702 yen ($7) when it goes on sale on March 26th.

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