28 Anime Characters That Have Some Serious Eyebrow Game

Welcome to the GoBoiano eyebrow salon where we help you get the anime look you desire!

No seriously its a real place, not some shit photoshop I did in 2 minutes, I swear!

Take a look at the menu to see the different selections we offer:

1. The Satsuki Kiryūin from Kill la Kill

They’re like motorcycle handlebars


2. The Kamiki Izumo from Blue Exorcist



3. The Ryoko Asakura from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

4. The Yuki Yoshioka from Mitsudomoe



5. The Dorothy Catalonia from Gundam Wing

It’s like she pasted small birds on her forehead


6. The Mimino Kurumi from Yes! Precure 5

7. The Nagisa Misumi from Futari wa Precure

8. The Jufuku Miho from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun


9. The Mayuri Shiina from Steins;Gate

It adds to her charm


10. The Chaika Trabant from Hitsugi no Chaika

The eyebrows that started a million memes


11. The Ragyō Kiryūin from Kill la Kill


12. The Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-ON!


13. The Yabuta from Sket Dance


14. The Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star


15 and 16. The Lee and Might Guy Combo from Naruto

It where they get their power from


17. The Issei Tsubaki from Full Metal Panic!


18. The Yuka Suzuki from Fairy Tail

Duct tape brows


19. The Ononoki Yotsugi from Bakemonogatari


20. The Rinnosuke Mitobe from Kuroko no Basket


21. The England from Hetalia



22. The Amarao from FLCL

Does it look seaweed to you?


23. The Atsushi Ookawa from Shiki


24. The Genta Kojima from Case Closed


25. The Ira Gamagori from Kill la Kill

26. The Jinbei from One Piece

27. The Jo Tetsuma from Eyeshield 21

28. and The Krillin from Dragon Ball Z

The most hair on his head is there



Guess he didn’t want an anime style.  Though I heard spongebob is a great rom-com anime from the people over here.

Community Suggestion

Hey can you make a list of Funny and Thick eyebrows like Satsuki from Kill la Kill? Pretty Please?

Posted by Joanna Amora on Sunday, May 3, 2015


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