26 Anime Tropes Every Hit Series Use

Tropes are writing tools, which means their quality is based on the writer’s skill. It’s virtually impossible to create a story a without tropes, which is why these ones are so common in hit anime!

1Someone confesses, but the fireworks are too loud.


2Best friend dies in a shounen fight, but comes back a few weeks later.




4The main villain has the perfect chance to kill the hero, but says, “We’ll finish this another time.”


5The magical high school board says the MC is certified trash, but they have a secret power the board can’t measure.


6Brother and sister fall in love, but it’s all good because they are not blood relatives.


7MC has no luck with the opposite gender, but somehow receives a harem.


8MC is getting destroyed, proceeds to say, “I made a promise to my bestie to beat you!” right before unlocking their true potential.


9Head of the government or school will break the thing and unleash a powerful evil.


10Emotional flashback sequences right before a climactic battle.


11“Hey, MC-chan…” / “Hmm? What is it?” / “…it’s nothing…I’ll tell you later.” <Proceeds to die>

12MC’s parents are always out of the country, giving them free reign over the house.


13“It’s cool officer, they are actually 1,000 years old.”


14“This isn’t even my final form!” – every shounen anime.


15“Ha Ha! I’m a genius!” – every cocky side character moments before failure.


16MC is on the verge of death before using a secret power they weren’t aware of.


17Kid falls into a mecha cockpit, the military proceeds to treat them as an ace.


18Idols put on the performance of their lives…to an empty auditorium.


19“Don’t get excited, I was only passing by!”


20The fate of the world rests on the harem MC’s ability to get a kiss.


21Monologuing to remind you of important tidbits.


22Orphan is actually the child of the main villain.


23A plucky side character reveals their true selves after saying, “all according to plan.”


24“Hey MC-kun, I have a thick file of your life!” – totally not a secretly evil character.


25Extraordinary MC introduces themselves as “an ordinary Japanese high school student.”


26MC shows off their talent for a random hobby before saving a relevant club from shutting down.


Aaron Magulick
Aaron Magulick has been a fan of anime ever since being exposed to it in the late '90s. A fan of nearly all genres, he is not afraid to explore the creepier side of the industry.
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