25 Iconic Movies ‘Your Name’ Has Beaten in the Box Office

Your Name is opening in American and Canadian theaters this weekend, exposing it two of the largest movie markets in the world. Despite its late arrival, Your Name is already a global success, having grossed $328.7 million at the box office.

Your Name

That’s a number some anime fans have trouble imagining, since most anime’s success is measured in units sold, like the music and gaming industry. To help show just how big a deal Your Name‘s success is, here is a list of popular and mainstream movies that it has outgrossed so far.


1Spirited Away – $289.1 million

2The LEGO Batman Movie – $297.8 million

3The Godfather – $245.1 million

4John Wick: Chapter Two – $161.6 million

5Seven – $327.3 million

6Inglourious Basterds – $321.5 million


7Schindler’s List – $321.2 million

8Fatal Attraction – $320.1 million

9Beverly Hills Cop – $316.4 million

10Hidden Figures – $224.2 million

11Mulan – $304.3 million

12X-Men – $296.3 million

13Ghostbusters – $295.2 million

14Shutter Island – $294.8 million

15The Departed – $289.8 million

16Jerry Maguire – $273.6 million

17Silence of the Lambs – $272.7 million

18Gran Torino – $270 million

19Total Recall – $261.3 million

20Get Out – $168.2 million

21Rush Hour – $244.4 million

228 Mile – $242.9 million

23The Social Network – $224.9 million

24Alien – $203.6 million

25Salt – $293.5 million

You Name is in good company and could be on its way to becoming the poster child of a new anime era, similar to Sprited Away‘s status during the mid-2000s.

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