24 Anime That Fans Who HATE Comedies Should Avoid

Who the heck needs laughter in their lives? Parodies, satire, and bathroom humor have a way of making people burst into laughter.

You should avoid these goofy anime if you hate laughing.


For when you absolutely hate bathroom humor, satire, killer parodies, and emotional feels all wrapped into one.



For when you hate the NEET life, parodies, and obscene humor.



For when you hate hyperactive surrealism and school girls enjoying the little moments of life…plus a suplexed deer.


For when you hate hyperactive surrealism about a group of boys trying to kill boredom…plus reaction face memes.


For when you hate misunderstood delinquents, a robot gang leader, and Freddie’s glorious mustache.


For when you need to hate the progenitor of wacky school comedies.


7Excel Saga

For when you have to hate the OG of anime trope parodies.


8Sket Dance

For when you hate a school club for helping fellow classmates and crossing-over with Gintama.


9Is This a Zombie?

For when you hate a zombie boy who is a magical girl with a vampire & necromancer harem while solving his own brutal murder.



For when you really hate parodies of isekai, JRPGs, and EXPLOSIONS!


11Ouran High School Host Club

For when you hate a reverse-harem that laughs at its tropes while making you feel emotions.


For when you hate a free-spirited college drop-out helping people find their ways in life and having one-night stands.


For when you hate a homeless girl and a salaryman be in an oddly adorable relationship.


14Good Luck Girl!

For when you hate a jerk girl stealing the world’s good luck while being surrounded by anime parodies.


15Seitokai Yakuindomo

For when you truly hate perverted high schoolers doing perverted things.


16The Devil is a Part-Timer!

For when you need to hate that “when is season 2 coming out?” meme.


17Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

For when you hate cute couples subvert rom-com tropes and having insight on how shoujo manga is created.


18School Rumble

For when you really, really hate misunderstandings.


For when you hate metal music and its crude fandom.


20Great Teacher Onizuka

For when you hate an ex-gangster bestowing street knowledge to his students.


21Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

For when you hate a pair of sassy angels trying to buy their way back into heaven.


22Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei

For when you hate dark comedy, social satire, and DESPAIR!


23Sakamoto desu ga?

For when you have a deep-seated hatred for the cool, cooler, coolest dude in school.


24Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

For when you hate the wacky and cute relationships between dragons and humans.

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