21 Things You Experience as You Fall Into A Binge Hole

Are you a binger? Do you try to stockpile then find yourself racing through episodes, giving into your growing obsession as you slowly stop sleeping, eating, and living in real life?

1. You try to practice restraint, so you won’t suffer like everyone else did while waiting for new episodes.Spongbob Squarepants



2. You will fail.One More Episode


3. Socializing? Cooking? Leaving the bed? No, you are on a mission.Heaven's Memo Pad

4. You start realizing the truth.Gintama

5. You take a brief pause, being amazed that you somehow avoided all of the major spoilers so far.Kamen Rider

6. Enough thinking, more binging.Samurai Flamenco

7. You can probably get away with calling in sick for a few days.Snow White


8. The opening and ending songs are looping in your mind, calling you back.Tari Tari

9. Slowly, you start to see everyone around you as if they were a part of the show.Gif

10. They’ll disappoint you by not playing along with your shipping fantasies.Spongbob Squarepants

11. You have no one to talk to when you come across that awesome moment since EVERYONE has already watched the series.The Future Diary

12. You want to know more, but you can’t risk spoiling yourself.Dumb and Dumber

13. Kiss your “currently watching list” good-bye, because you are now a victim of the binge hole.JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

14. The dread of catching up with the latest episode.In Bruges

15. Now you have to wait a week before a new one comes out?Love Live! School Idol Project

16. Even worse is when you finish the show.Upotte!

17. What do you mean it will take a few years for a new season?Anime

18. What do you mean a new season may never come out!?!?Signs

19. You fall into crippling depression as you realize you may never watch a new episode from that series ever again and you may never find a show as good as that one.K-On!

20. Time to find something else to watch…Kannagi

21. Oh hey, a new show! Better practice restraint, so you won’t suffer as everyone else did.Spongbob Squarepants

Aaron Magulick
Aaron Magulick has been a fan of anime ever since being exposed to it in the late '90s. A fan of nearly all genres, he is not afraid to explore the creepier side of the industry.
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