2018 is Going to be a Monster Year for Sequels

Can we take the time to appreciate just how big of a year 2018 is going to be for anime sequels?

Fans are constantly joking about how sequels rarely happen, and it’s like creators took them seriously. Honestly, just look at the confirmed lineup for next year!


It’s a relaxing show about cute girls participating in deep sea diving. I don’t think anyone expected Amanchu! to get a sequel, but here it is!


Attack on Titan Season will air this spring! Fans don’t have to wait five years like they did for season 2, and they’ll get to learn the secrets of the Titans.


Your childhood is calling to remind you that while many of your Hollywood heroes are either crap or dead, you’ll still have Cardcaptor Sakura to console you.


Are you ready for the conclusion of chunibyos in love? Take on Me is going to be a theatrical movie, which means KyoAni is going to go all out with the animation!


Who expected Dagashi Kashi to get a new season? Sure, it’s low-down series about Japanese snacks and lewd eating, but it’s pretty surprising that a second season is coming.


It’s been 17 years since the trippy story of FLCL confused us. We are curious to see if the new staff can recapture the anime’s glory.


Anime-only fans of Fairy Tail will get to experience the sagas closing arc. It’s been a long ride for one of this generation’s popular shounen series.


8Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel II – lost butterfly

The first Heaven’s Feel movie dominated the box office for the ufotable, and odds are that lost butterfly will repeat the success. It’s also the part where the route gets dark and crazy.


9Free! Season 3

KyoAni is actually producing a third season to something! The boys of Free! have always been popular, and fans are eager to see where the new season will take the beloved cast.


Full Metal Panic! returns after 11 years with a direct sequel! The rom-com-mecha-action series was huge a decade ago, and hopefully, the long wait will be worth it.


11Sound! Euphonium

A sequel movie to staring the dysfunctional band club will debut sometime in 2018. It’s going to star Kumiko in her second-year of school and it’s sure to be a drama-filled story.


The perverted Issei is back, but with a new staff following a fall-out between Ichiei Ishibumi and studio TNK.


13My Hero Academia Season 3

The school-trip arc is being adapted, which features fan-favorite villain Himiko Toga and the Vanguard Action Squad.


Momonga, Albedo, and the rest of Nazarick return for a hotly anticipated second season. Who says Madhouse can’t count to two?


The concluding arc to ReLIFE is getting adapted into 4-episode OVA. However, with 80-chapters left to adapt, fans are worried if Kanketsu-hen will be a rushed adaptation or an original ending.


16The Disastrous Life of Saiki K Season 2

One of the craziest short-format anime is coming back, and it’s sure to be filled with random humor, sarcasm, and funny parodies.


Season 2 is coming out this January! A movie will also debut in 2018, but details are slim so far.


Season 3 is an adaptation of the anticipated Alicization Arc, which is regarded as the best portion of Sword Art Online. It’s a twist on the standard formula as Kirito tries to survive in a virtual-reality without any other humans.


It’s actually happening! A Certain Magical Index is getting a third season just as fans began losing hope.


Studio Pierrot (ugh) is working on the sequel series, which sees Kaneki even more entrenched in ghoul society. Hopefully, the season will be an improvement over Root A.


It’s the beginning of the end for one of the most popular shounen series. The Silver Soul Arc is still running in the manga, but the anime will begin adapting the arc in January.


Which sequels are you looking forward to?

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