19 Satisfying Anime You Can Watch in 30 minutes or Less

Sometimes, the best experiences in life are those that are quick and fleeting. Appreciate the little things with these super short anime.


1Little Witch Academia (OVA)

Little Witch Academia

What’s it about: A girl pursues her dream of becoming a witch by enrolling into a prestigious magic school. The short film is the closest thing to an anime version of Harry Potter and has an anime series counterpart you can explore afterward.


2Death Billiards

Death Billiards

What’s it about: Two men arrive at a mysterious bar, but they can’t seem to remember how they got there. They are told to play a game of billiards, which will have life or death consequences. If you like it, you can watch the anime series spin-off: Death Parade.


3A Farewell to Weapons

A Farewell to Weapons

What’s it about: A ragtag group of power suit wearing men is tasked with disarming nuclear tanks in post-apocalyptic Tokyo. Stuff blows up and it’s fun.




What’s it about: A post-modern look at an otaku man struggling to choose between a social life or his addiction to his hobbies. It’s basically like a long music video that keeps changing gears as the beat drops.


5She and Her Cat

She and Her Cat

What’s it about: An unnamed woman found a cat out in the rain and names him. The short film is Makoto Shinkai’s second project of his career.




What’s it about: A hacker and his dog help a psychic woman escape from a black ops research facility.




What’s it about: Set during the Irish War of Independence, a young girl seeks out the infamous Black Swordsman asks him to protect her village from an English attack. He’ll do it, but only if the girl brings him a novel.


8Koro no Daisanpo

Koro no Daisanpo

What’s it about: Koro is a puppy who wanders around a small town after his owner leaves the front door open. Your heart will squeeze more than a few times.

9La Maison en Petits Cubes

What’s it about: An elderly man adds new floors to his home in order to stay dry from the ever rising water. But when his favorite pipe falls into one of the lower levels, he gets a chance to relive his eventful life as he looks for the keepsake.


10Inaka Isha

Inaka Isha

What’s it about: An adaptation of a Franz Kafka short story, the film follows a country doctor who is too preoccupied with his own distractions and his failure to help his patients. It’s as mind-bending as the classic Russian story.




What’s it about: Children play a creepy version of hide-and-seek in the ruins an abandoned old city. When the game starts, the children start to disappear.


12Hairy Tale

Hairy Tale

What’s it about: A 60-second look into the cycle of love and loss that is also a commercial from Production I.G.



13Plastic Nee-san

What’s it about: Three friends claim to be in a plastic model building club, but they are constantly getting distracted. It’s like Gintama and Nichijou had a baby.


14Under the Dog

What’s it about: Seven teens with special abilities are thrown into a battle royale.



What’s it about: A teenage boy has a telepathic link to a shape-shifting monster pet. A mysterious boy with two of his own monsters decides to attack, which leads to a string of disastrous events.


16Honobono Log

What’s it about: A collection of stories about loving couples and families.



What’s it about: Two robots are abandoned by their previous owner and now live with a scientist. One robot struggles with thoughts of suicide while the other shows signs of emotional consciousness.


18Cat Soup

What’s it about: A kitten journeys through the land of the dead in an attempt to save his sister’s soul.


19Red Colored Bridge

What’s it about: When you want to drugs without actually doing drugs.


What are your favorite anime that are 30 minutes or less?

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