19 Anime Gifs That Sum Up the Struggles of Starting Your Career

1When you have to write yet ANOTHER cover letter.

2And then you realize there was a typo in the email you sent over.

3Hey, genius. You forgot to change the name to the new company for the cover letter.

4Well. At least you can work at an unpaid internship for work experience.

5Wait. Did you get rejected for not having enough experience? Well, on to the next.

6Interviewer: So why do you want to work here? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How can you be a value-add to our company?


7“Thank you for showing interest in Corp. International, but we regret to inform you that you do not meet our criteria.”


8Repeat steps 1 through 6.


9Congrats, you actually got invited to an orientation!


10But you don’t have the job yet. You’ll spend 2 weeks with a supervisor watching your every move.


11You don’t want to look bad, so you’ll do everything with extreme precision.


12Oh no…did I mess up that last task? Am I allowed to leave for lunch? What happens if I’m stuck in traffic??


13You really start doubting if you can pull this career thing off…


14…Until you get your first paycheck!


15And then bills happen!

16And you’re too tired to do anything.


17It’s been 20 weeks now and your boss hasn’t yelled at you, so I guess you’ve got the job!


18Too bad getting up in the mornings still hurt, but at least you got a career.


19So, when is vacation time?

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