19 Anime Gifs That Accurately Describe Everyday School Life

School can be a bizarre place and sometimes you just wish to escape. Maybe to another world or even an anime school! Both would be exciting assuming you don’t end up in a desolated world or in the Prison School.

But until the day we can explore other worlds or go to school in virtual reality, we’ll continue to have our same ‘ole everyday school life. Though some of these might not change too much.

1. That one classroom that’s always cold as F. 


2. When a friend tells you that she likes the same guy as you. 

3. And when that friend didn’t learn her lesson and is still trying to creep up on your crush.

To Love-Ru Darkness - Momo, Yami, and Mikan

4. Everyday that I’m late to going to class

Naruto Running with K-pop star lol

5. All the casuals talking like they know anime. 

6. When you finally make it to the bathroom after a long ass test. 

7. When you sit next to that weird kid on the bus.

8. Every math class you ever been to.   

Angel Beats! Anime

9. Every Monday ever. 

Hyouka - Chitanda

10. When the teacher tries to assign homework over holiday break. 

Angel Beats - Get out now!

11. In gym class with the athletes like.

Kuroko no Basket

12. Surprise pop quiz. 

13. When you get sent to in-school suspension.  

14. When it’s report card day. 

15. But when your report card is actually on point. 

16. When people are fighting

17. Dodging last year’s teachers like


18. When someone comments on your drawings in class. 

19. When a bunch of new anime episodes is waiting for you at home.  




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