18-Year-Old Idol Faces Backlash For Pregnancy With Her Manager

Asuka Kiraboshi is an 18-year-old high school member of the idol group Star-Bright. Last week, Kiraboshi took to Twitter to share what she’d thought would be good news with her fans: she will be having a baby with her 22-year-old manager.

Asuka Kiraboshi

However, the news was met with immediate fan backlash, with some people dubbing the news as “the worst betrayal” and “an insult to fans.”

It turns out that Kiraboshi and her manager began dating in secret two years ago when she was 16. The couple has talked in private about raising a child together, but they haven’t mentioned marriage – something they will surely keep private from now on.

After the initial news, Kiraboshi and her manager received a flood of negative messages, with most fans claiming that they will no longer be fans of Kiraboshi. Another wrote that the manager was a horrible person for taking advantage of Kiraboshi at such a young age. Other fans shared that they would like to celebrate Kiraboshi’s pregnancy, but instead are feeling too “hopeless” and “lonely” over the situation.

Asuka Kiraboshi

The overwhelming negativity forced Kiraboshi’s manager to issue an apology for “betraying fans” and accept responsibility for his actions. Kiraboshi also apologized for causing trouble for her fans and staff.

Despite this, the couple is excited to raise their child together and Kiraboshi will continue to be an idol. She’ll be taking a temporary hiatus after a January 18 performance until the birth of her child. Kiraboshi’s manager also promises to continue his duties as a manager and is looking forward to being a father.

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