16 Gifts that Anime Fans Most Want for Christmas

1For Hollywood to stop making anime live actions like Ghost in the Shell

2A million more Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure gifs


3A stain remover that works on waifu pillows

Image result

4More of Doki Doki Literature Club that just hit 1 Million downloads


5For your parents to stop sighing when they see you

6For Netflix to simulcast on the Japanese schedule

7A Nintendo Switch

9To experience the famous flying hug


10To be cute


11A commissioned avatar from artists like Reb, HikaAnna Cairistiona, and Lynn

12More Abridged series from Team 4 Star


13A corgi


14NeoYokio Toblerone


15Clothes from Omocat

16A big Ghibli style breakfast on Christmas morning


Jenbae enjoys reading manga, yelling at her laptop, and eating popcorn with extra butter. She also enjoys writing blurbs about herself in 3rd person where she doesn't know what to say but she recommends everyone to check out the webtoons: The Gamer and The Pale Horse.
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