15 Times Prison School Represented the Ultimate Squad Goals

Squad Goals has been popping up a lot in mainstream media.

Like Burger King

To even celebrities

I don’t know what people mean when they say Squad Goals. Is this it!?

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If you aren’t aware, Squad Goals is basically the aspiration of what you want your group of friends to be like. And after watching Prison School, I realize that this anime is literally the ultimate representation of squad goals, like…

1. Being chill enough to hang out and do nothing.

Prison School Anime

2. That one squad members that uses vine too much.

3. When the squad is super close.

4. When the crew supports your passions.

5. When the squad fully understands teamwork.

6. When someone insults a member of your squad.

7. Looking for food after a night of partying.

8. When the squad rats out no one.

9. When it’s time to get that epic selfie for snapchat.

10. “Ain’t nobody fresher than my clique

11. When you roll up deep.

12. Everyone is getting numbers tonight.

13. When squad is into that kind of thing.

14. When you embrace that all of you are freaks.

15. When the night gets a little too crazy.

And while we’re at it, “Anime Goals” should become a thing, if it isn’t already.

Make sure to check out Prison School airing this summer 2015 anime season!

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