15 Noragami Gifs That Will Make You Miss The Show Even More

Noragami was such a gem of a show. I’m definitely craving for another season but, alas, no such news yet. Out of the many things that make the show great, what I think I miss the most about Noragami are…

15The funny and relatable comedy

14The badass moments

13The great fight animations

12The #RelationshipGoals of Lady Kofuku and Daikoku

11The cute sword-boy, Yukine

10Yato’s over-the-top aspirations

9The great fight animations

8The subtle romance sublot

7Yukine’s interactions with the rest of the cast

6Lady Kofuku being adorable 99% of the time and badass the other 1%

5The Yato x Hiyori ship!

4The little sprinkling of god-drama here and there

3Immortal beings adjusting to normal life

2Yato’s eternal poverty and how he tries (and fails) to overcome it

1… Have I mentioned the great fight animations?

What do you miss the most about Noragami? Would you love to see another season?

Nina Pangan
GB's Community Manager and Lady of Memes and ShItposts, First of Her Name, The Yuri Shipper, Liaison of the Otakus and the Weebs, Neko Cuddler and Lover of Dragons
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