15 Anime to Cheer You Up After a Bad Day

We’ve all had bad days. It’s one of those sucky, lifelong guarantees. Thankfully there is a number of anime that can help raise your spirits.


For when you need surreal and crazy laughs to pick you up. Plus a vice-principal suplexes a deer.


For when you need an ex-gangster to teach you valuable life lessons.


3Flying Witch

For when you want to chill with a witch in the beautiful countryside.



For when you need to get your creativity back, but some kid keeps pestering you.


5Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

For when you need absurd comedy with your romance. Plus Mikorin is the best princess.


For when you need crude parodies, dick jokes, and sneaky feels to bring you crashing back down.


For when you want to drift down the canals of Mars.


8Cromartie High School

For when a class of delinquents is extremely misunderstood. Plus there is Freddy, a gorilla, and a robot.


9Hidamari Sketch

For when you need that Shaft art style and a story about an art club.


10Baka and Test

For when you want a little bit of everything.


11School Rumble

For when you having a little trouble with your confession.


12Golden Boy

For when only the gold standard of ecchi based comedy will get you out of the dumps.


13Non Non Biyori

For when you are in an aimless type of mood.


For only when other people’s despair can lift your despair.


15Ghost Stories


For when the gold standard of English dubs is needed.


What are your go to anime for when you are having a bad day?

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