15 Anime That Have Spoiler-Heavy Opening Songs

Who doesn’t love the lushly detailed anime opening sequences? Not only are the songs jamming, but they can be packed with story elements and character reveals that we haven’t seen yet!

That’s right, some anime openings spoil the series. Many producers in Japan assume that fans watching have already read the source material since manga and light novels have massive fanbases. It doesn’t always happen, but here are the biggest examples of spoiler openings.

1Death Note‘ Ending 2

Highlight for spoiler: [Light Yagami’s corpse.]


2Baccano!‘ Opening

Highlight for spoiler: [Dallas Genoard’s continuous drowning.]


3‘D. Gray-man’ Opening 3

Highlight for spoiler: [Condenses major plot points including Allen’s severed arm, Kanada’s new weapon, Chomesuke’s human form, Bak’s appearance, and For’s fight with a level 3 Akuma.]


4‘Fairy Tail’ Openings

Highlight for spoiler: [Every Fairy Tail opening songs spoils major plot points, twists, character reveals, and fight setups. You can have a condensed experience by marathoning the opening songs.]


5Fate/Zero‘ Opening 2

Highlight for spoiler: [Irisviel’s death and Kiritsugu losing the Holy Grail War.]


6The Future Diary‘ Openings

Highlight for spoiler: [Both openings are basically an abridged version of the series, revealing major plot points, such as the time-travel plot line and multiple Yuno Gasai.]


7‘Grisaia no Rakuen’ Opening

Highlight for spoiler: [The big twist of the Thanatos System being Yuuji’s sister Kazuki is smacking you in the face.]


Highlight for spoiler: [Mion’s twin sister Shion is shown before her actual appearance a few episodes into the anime. Also, Mion’s yakuza ties and Shion’s breakdown are highlighted.]


Highlight for spoiler: [Caesar Zeppeli’s blood bubble and death are not-so-subtly revealed by a crying Jonathan Joestar. Kar’s immunity to sunlight is also hinted at.]


10‘Jyu-Oh-Sei’ Opening

Highlight for spoiler: [Zagi has a huge presence in the opening song, despite disappearing for half the series after episode one. A major death at the end of the series is also prominent.]


11‘Little Busters!’ Opening

Highlight for spoiler: [It’s a minute and a half version of the entire season. Fans that understand Japanese or know the translated lyrics can have every moment, including deaths, spelled out to them.]


12‘Mobile Suit Gundam SEED’ Opening

Highlight for spoiler: [The opening and ending reveal various character relationships and affiliations way before the story gets to them. Spoilers include Flay joining the Earth Alliance, Kira and Lacus’ relationship, and Rau and Eu being related.]


13Narutaru‘ Opening

Highlight for spoiler: [The cutesy art and bubblegum song might have distracted you from the major spoilers, which include Akira’s connection with her dragon, Aki’s true personality, Hiroko being a victim of bullying, and Hiroko’s dragon.]


14‘Seraph of the End’ Opening

Highlight for spoiler: [Despite Mika “dying” in episode one, the opening features him with vampire fangs. It isn’t revealed that Mika is alive until episode three.]


15Shiki‘ Opening

Highlight for spoiler: [Everyone who turns into a Shiki has their faces turned into skulls.]

What are your favorite spoiler-filled anime openings?

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