13 Vulgar Anime the Easily Offended Should Not Watch

Anime for series for when you are in a trashy mood!

Anime can tell beautiful romances and tear-inducing dramas, but it can reach vulgar status too!

Basically, a series that is vulgar is lacking the “sophisticated” storytelling of more critically acclaimed fare. These works feature loads of violence, sex, crass humor, and rough language (though not all with this combination).

So, embrace the trashy side and enjoy these vulgar anime!



More so the manga than the 3 anime adaptations. Berserk is a dark series filled with death, revenge, gore, and sexual violence. If you are a little queasy, you’ll want to stay away from the series, even though it does have a good story.


2Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

This series is for fans who love sexual humor and sacrilegious jokes; it covers the misadventures of sex-addicted angels trying to buy their way back into heaven.


3Mardock Scramble

The OVA trilogy is about a resurrected  teenage prostitute who’s out to get revenge on the gambler who killed her. Mardock Scramble is filled with sexual violence and action scenes that will either excited or offend.


4Black Lagoon

Guns, cussing, explosions, head shots, and more cussing! The crass story about a group of mercenaries is pure adrenaline – plus there is this scene.


5Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

This is a series to shock your friends with. Mnemosyne is a pyschosexual thriller about an immortal detective who spends 65 years combating a crazed “Angel.” The torture and death scenes are very graphic.



There are ecchi anime that cross the sexual line on occasion, and then there are anime like Kissxsis. The Suminoe twins spend the entire series getting into sexual situations with their step-brother, and can get to near hentai levels.


7Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue is a psychosexual thriller written by Satoshi Kon, and it’s a mind screw. You’ll spend most of the movie questioning reality while getting crept out by how possessive otaku culture can be.



One of the goriest anime of all time! The story is lacking, but gorehounds will love the cruelty found in the 5 OVAs.


9Mad Bull 34

Violence, sex, drugs, and a grenade jockstrap – Mad Bull 34 has it all! The sleazy story was inspired by popular ’70s and ’80s Hollywood movies, and the dub takes it a step further with it’s hilariously offensive localization.


10Prison School

This is a sex-comedy even non-ecchi fans can enjoy. The amount of lewd jokes, bodily fluid, and dominatrix scenes might fool some first time viewers into thinking it’s a hentai! But, Prison School does a have good story and characters underneath the piss fetish.



Shimoneta takes the sex-comedy genre into satire territory. It uses sex jokes and an absurd premise (banning sexual content to protect the youth) to point out how good intentions can go wrong. Plus, the love nectar!


12Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City basically makes fun of metal stereotypes. You know, like the music genre’s supposed fixation on rape, Satan, death, and more rape. Former and current metal fans will find a lot to relate to.


13Hen Zemi

If you believe sex is a sacred act of love, then you should probably stay away from Hem Zemi.


What are your favorite vulgar anime?

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