12 New Shots from the Two ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ OVAs

New images from the two Yu Yu Hakusho OVA have surfaced prior to their release with the 25th anniversary Blu-ray box set, which ships on October 26. Let’s have a look on what the OVAs will look like!


1One of the OVA will tell the story “Two Shot”


2It’s a bonus chapter in the manga’s 7th volume


3It tells the story of how Kurama and Hiei first met


4The story also contains a new character named Maya


5This will be the first time we’ll see this chapter animated


6The bonus content was skipped over by the original series


7The other OVA is titled “All or Nothing”


8It’s the second-to-last chapter of the manga


9It has the original team reuniting


10And go against terrorists in the spirit world


11Studio Pierrot and Noriyuki Abe will return to make the OVA


12The original cast will also be reprising their roles

Yu Yu Hakusho has had six other OVAs, in addition to two movies and the original 112-episode anime adaptation in the 90’s

SOURCEOricon News
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