12 Even Weirder Things Japan Has Turned Into Cute Girls

Japan loves turning mystical beasts, historical figures, and inanimate objects into moe girls. You know that already, or half of you wouldn’t be fans.

Most of the anthropomorphizations are innocent enough and then there are the even weirder ones – like some of our favorite anime/manga/light novel/game examples that fans on r/manga have compiled.


1Ren-chin Girl (Microwave)

An “extremely resistant” microwave becomes a busty lady in this one-shot.


2Chikyuu Ningen Terra-chan (The Earth)

The OG Earth-chan and this one doesn’t complain about being flat all the time.


3Kin ni Naru Mori-san (A Tree)

Because nature loves you.


4Food Girls (Food, duh)

How else do you expect otaku to learn about nutrition?


5Shinka no Mi (A gorilla)

Let me guess, you were expecting a Nisekoi joke, right? Well too bad, one features a cute gorilla girl and the other is just Chitoge.


6Giant Isopod-tan (Gee, idk)

You know those ugly crustaceans? Well, they’re cute now. Or just look like they’re eating a small child.


7Hi sCoool! SeHa Girls (Video game consoles)

You were expecting Hyperdimension Neptunia, but that would make too much sense.


8Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (Various weaponry)

Two girls kiss and one of them turns into a weapon, which makes as much sense as the dialogue and plot points in this softcore fanservice series.


9Koi Lemon (Sex doll)

You know what? This one might actually become a reality soon thanks to advances in robotics.


10Sentou Jousai Masurawo (Computer viruses)

Cute computer virus girls fight in a tournament for money. Viruses like money now?


11My House is a Magic Power Spot – Just by Living Here I Become the Strongest in the World (A house)

Me too, thanks.


12Magic Mushroom (Penises)

So, two guys discover that their dongs have been turned into cute girls. But in an even weirder twist, their peckers are lesbians and only love each other. Imagine that! Being such a dork that not even your wang wants to play with you.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen turned into a moe girl?

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