12 Cases of “You Should Be Careful Who You Call Ugly”

You should always be careful who you call ugly in middle school because most of the time they’ll get hit by puberty like a train and they’ll be the creatures on the planet. Here are a dozen examples!

12Pikachu is looking pretty slick

11Who knew we’ve known 707’s identity for years now

10He went from “I like pork cutlets” to “You’re swallowing my pork cutlet tonight

9Tintin got tired of adventuring and enrolled in Hero Academy

8I wonder where Billy and Mandy went

7I see the eyebrows are staying

6Gladio decided that he’d rather ice skate than battle pokemon

5All that “testing” has done some damage

4Oh god, tell me he didn’t also kill Katara

3RED is puberty done right!

2… I don’t know which one is more annoying

1Let’s not forget your waifu!

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