12 Anime That Will Inspire You To Start A New Journey

Starting something new is scary but everyone has to at some point. You can face the future a little easier with these anime that will inspire you in different ways to embrace the journey.


1. Kiki’s Delivery ServiceKiki's Delivery Service Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki is a growing witch in this Ghibli movie. Her journey to adulthood isn’t easy in the new town she moves to. All alone she has to make new friends, learn magic, and try to live up to people’s expectations. Over the 1 hour and 43 minutes runtime, you’ll learn how to pick yourself up after every fall.

2. Gurren LagannGurren Lagann Gurren Lagann

Ever feel trapped and like you’ve just got to escape? Simon and Kamina literally escape into a new world full of danger and insanity. Learn to believe in the me who believes in you who believes that Gurren Lagann is a masterpiece shounen. Escape the dull world you live in today and get excited about a new journey!

3. Blood Blockade BattlefrontBlood Blockade Battlefront Blood Blockade Battlefront

New York meets aliens, vampires, and gods who mess everything up. Leonardo Watch isn’t strong or smart and is really bad at making money, but when faced with almost certain death he never backs down. Get comfortable in the city where danger is on every corner but you still enjoy your life with the friends you meet along the way.


4. Ouran Highschool Host ClubOuran Highschool Host Club Ouran Highschool Host Club

Class, gender, and social status don’t define the relationships in this romantic comedy perfection. One of the first big reverse harems, Ouran Highschool Host Club will leave you laughing as you follow Haruhi’s life at Ouran High School. She’s a logical girl thrown into an illogical world. You’re sure to feel like her at some point as you get older, Ouran Highschool Host Club will help you learn to just roll with it.


5. ShirobakoShirobako Shirobako

Relive the first time you got recognized for your work and found a dream with this team of wanna-be workers in the anime industry. From voice actor to animation, these 5 women feel the pain and euphoria of working on things they care about and getting their first job in an industry they love. Even when your job doesn’t make sense and you don’t know what you’re doing wrong. Shirobako helps you believe that if you just keep trying that you’ll eventually get it right.


6. Devil is a Part-timerDevil is a Part-timer Devil is a Part-timer

The Devil King is defeated and forced into Tokyo so he gets a part-time job so he can pay his bills. He’s never had to work before or live a life where people didn’t bow before him. Discover how to make the best of it when your life takes an unexpected turn.


7. Bakuman



Romance, manga, and the struggle to become a great artist blend inside of Bakuman. Two young men start the journey to create incredible manga. Along the way, you’ll realize that long nights and hard failures are all part of the story to becoming the greatest you can be.


8. Yakitate!! JapanYakitate!! Japan Yakitate!! Japan

Azuma Kazuma is OBSESSED with bread and baking. Although he’s talented and practiced for years, he’s still not the best and is challenged constantly. The price of perfection is trying again and again until you’re causing people to literally cry with joy about the things you make. Embrace your passion as Azuma learns a few cool things about baking.


9. TsuritamaTsuritama Tsuritama

Yuki freezes up with anxiety when faced with new people or things. Because of that, he’s pretty alone until a weird kid claiming to be an alien shows up. Fishing gets real in this anime where mind control and people yelling “DUCKU” become normal. The person who can barely talk to people at first joins hands with other outcasts who are the only people who can keep the town from destruction. Relax into your hobbies in Tsuritama where everyone has a chance to be a hero.


10. My Love Story!!My Love Story!! My Love Story!!

Romance is never straightforward and appears unexpectedly. In My Love Story!!, the pretty boy is passed over for the reliable man who has no clue what to do at all to keep the love alive. Look back and laugh at past mistakes we’ve all made when in love and realize how mistakes can sometimes bring you closer.


11. Baby StepsBaby Steps Baby Steps

It’s never too late to find what you love! Eiichiro keeps making great grades and is successful at most everything he does but he doesn’t really care about anything. After a random encounter, he tries out tennis and finds a spark ignited in himself. Although he’s bad and fails constantly, he works hard because he loves the journey to becoming better. Appreciate your everyday progress through Baby Steps!


12. Hunter x Hunter (2011)Hunter x Hunter Hunter x Hunter

Treat yourself to one of the most well-crafted shounen anime where the fillers are sparse and the story gets intense. Gon wants to be a great Hunter and find his father. He risks his life every step of the way but never backs down. Alongside friends working achieve different dreams, Gon strengthens his will and hits you with feels repeatedly. Hunter x Hunter can be a source of strength for you to look back on and remember.


There are tons more anime that can get you moving. Share which anime inspires you!

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